Audi Ranks Fifth In Luxury Car Brand Loyalty Study In The U.S.

It was less than a month ago when global market research company J.D. Power released the U.S. Initial Quality Study for 2020 and now they’re coming out with yet another study. While in the previous rankings Audi came towards the bottom of the list, the situation is much better in the U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study for luxury marques.

In the second year the study is conducted, Lexus claims the number one spot yet again, with an impressive 48 percent loyalty rate. Mercedes-Benz is not far behind, at 47.8 percent, followed by BMW with 45.1 percent, Porsche with 44.9 percent, with Audi rounding off the top five with a loyalty rate of 43.4 percent.

What does brand loyalty stand for in this context? Here’s the official explanation provided by J.D. Power: “If a vehicle owner is loyal to a specific brand, it’s becoming more difficult for another brand to woo them away when it’s time to buy a new vehicle.” In other words, the higher the percentage is, the less likely that buyer will move to a different brand when the time comes to buy a new car.

Fifth place is a decent result for Audi, beating the likes of domestic brands such as Lincoln and Cadillac by a significant margin. Brand loyalty is significantly more important for automakers nowadays in these troubled times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Sales are down across the board, so companies are interested in not losing customers to other brands perhaps more than ever before.

J.D. Power did the same study among mainstream brands where Subaru (60.5 percent), Toyota (60.3 percent), and Honda (58.7 percent) made up the top 3. Even the company that came in seventh place, Chevrolet with 49.1 percent, had a higher brand loyalty rate than the best-ranked luxury marque. It goes to show those who can afford premium vehicles prefer to shop around more and are less likely to stick with the same company compared to those buying non-luxury cars.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.