Audi is putting together a fleet of driverless Aicon cars

At last year’s Frankfurt motor show, Audi unveiled the Aicon, a self-driving concept cars which will be the basis for the German brand’s first pilot fleet of level 5 Autonomous cars. The car is rumored to launch in 2021 and it’s set to commemorate the 50 years of the ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ phrase.

The concept car is 5,444mm in length, making it 20cm longer than the company’s A8 L limousine, and with an driving range of 500 miles. The vehicle also has an extremely tight turning circle of just 8.5 metres, even though its its 3470mm wheelbase is 20cm longer than the same A8.

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Mounted within the Aicon’s flat floor structure, the solid body battery is claimed to provide more than double the energy capacity of a similarly sized lithium ion battery used today.

Styled at Audi’s main design studio in Ingolstadt under design boss Marc Lichte, the highly automated concept is described as the most advanced ever undertaken by the German car maker with assistant systems that draw on artificial intelligence, the latest in machine learning and car-to-x communication technology to network them with infrastructure and other road users, in the process allowing occupants greater freedom and time for themselves by providing fully autonomous driving functions.

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Audi says the ability of artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to new driving situations will fundamentally change how cars are used and perceived.

Inside the Audi Aicon features an unbroken wrapp-around dashboard and panels that light up when passengers enter. It also forgoes the steering wheel and pedals to create a luxurious lounge-like environment offering the very latest in digital infotainment and communication solutions.