Audi is preparing for its first-ever Digital Release with the Audi A3

These are strange times. Like everyone else, car companies have to adjust to survive during the Coronavirus Pandemic. One such adaptation is the upcoming “Digital Release” of the Audi A3 family, which will be the first of its kind for the Audi brand.


“With the new A3 family, we are launching one of our most important model lines on the market this year. Thanks to the great commitment, creativity and motivation of our team and our partners, we were able to very swiftly and flexibly switch over to digital training formats so that our worldwide sales and service network could optimize their preparations for this,” said Horst Hanschur, Head of Retail Business Development and Customer Services at Audi AG.

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“We benefit here from our many years of experience in using digital tools for our sales and service training. In view of the currently difficult worldwide situation, we are further accelerating the shift to digitalization we had already initiated. We are already working intensively on the next steps and we want to further develop this methodology, especially for our electric offensive. With the increasing digitalization of our vehicles, we are consequently also digitalizing our training methodology.”


What Audi is doing to train its employees is called the “train-the-trainer” method. Essentially, Audi will provide training for 35,000 worldwide sales and service employees, who will then train the rest of the employees at their own locations. The initial training will be done digitally, rather than a typically centralized location, due to social distancing protocols.

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All of this training will be done for the Audi A3 family of cars, making it the first for Audi that employees trained for digitally. The first A3 iteration to go on sale will the be the Sportback model, which will only be available in Europe. However, the Sedan will be available in both Europe and North America. So the digital training for the entire A3 family will be done across the globe.


These are strange and confusing times but it’s nice to know that companies are still working hard to insure that employees and customers are taken care of.

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