Audi invests $28 million in Silvercar rental

One of the more frustrating parts about traveling is finding a rental car. Typically, you have to reserve the car in advance with any number of the rental car companies, it’s usually a pretty crappy car, then you have to wait in line so you can sign a million papers, go through a zillion insurance forms and than finally you’re in your Toyota Yaris. However, Silvercar intends to fix that and make car rentals significantly easier.

Silvercar app

No more forms, no more waiting in line. Silvercar is going to change the way we rent cars while traveling. Silvercar can be used from its mobile app to schedule a car rental and will have the car waiting for you when you exit an airport or whatever means of travel you’re using. It’s that simple. And now, Audi has partnered with Silvercar, meaning the car you rent will be a gorgeous silver Audi.

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Silvercar started in 2012 and has locations in most major US cities, such as Dallas, Chicago, New York and Miami. With Audi’s latest $28 million investment, Silvercar can grow even larger even faster. “Silvercar represents not just the future of the car rental industry, but a vision for the future of mobility” Audi of America President Scott Keogh said. “We want to utilize the company’s strengths in technology and innovation to merge connectivity and mobility for today’s consumer.”

Keogh will actually be joining the Silvercar Board of Directors along with Silvercar CEO, Luke Schneider. “Audi’s confidence in Silvercar allows us to extend our reach even further, and bring forth the concept of shared mobility into many more markets, applications and product offerings,” said Silvercar CEO, Luke Schneider. “It is our goal to accelerate the expansion of our successful airport business in order to integrate these new mobility products into the market as soon as possible.”

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It’s not even that expensive, either. Using the closest available location to my house, the Manhattan location, I chose a delivery for 8:30 AM tomorrow morning and a drop off of 8:30 AM the following morning and it will only cost $95 after tax. That’s not bad at all for an Audi rental, considering you’ll pay near the same thing for the average Toyota rental at Enterprise or any other typical rental agency.

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Audi and Silvercar are looking to revolutionize car rental for traveling customers. Using Silvercar, customers never have to worry about finding a car to rent when they land at an airport, as a silver Audi will be waiting for them.

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