Audi investing in future with Q2, Q5 and EVs

Audi will start of 2016 by laying the groundwork for significant growth in the company. Audi will be investing nearly 3 billion Euros in both manufacturing facilities and alternative drive technologies. About half of that 3 billion will be allocated to both of those investments. “We are continuing with our high levels of investment in future technologies to enhance the strong position of our brand,” said Audi CEO Rupert Stadler.

Another one of the areas in which Audi will be investing in is crossovers. A replacement for the Audi Q5 is on the way, which is already a very large part of Audi’s sales figures. The Q5 and Q7 are already some of Audi’s most successful automobiles and the Q5 is still in its first generation, with the Q7 only just entering its second. So it’s clear that a significant investment in the Audi Q5 is very necessary. But another SUV that Audi will be investing in is the upcoming Q2.

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It will be entering a new market with the Audi Q2, which is a smart move considering the increasing popularity of small crossovers. BMW is rumored to be creating an X2 for the segment and it’s said Mercedes-Benz will be doing so also. So an Audi Q2 will be necessary to stay competitive.

Audi e-tron Quattro Concept
Audi e-tron Quattro Concept

But mainly, Audi wants to be investing in alternative drive technology, just as electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. “A significant proportion of our investment is naturally in the field of alternative drive systems,” Said Stadler. Audi recently just launched the A3 e-tron Sportback plug-in hybrid as the first plug-in for the four-ringed brand. A pure BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) SUV, in the form of the Audi e-tron Quattro Concept, will also be debuting in 2018 and a Q7 e-tron is almost in showrooms already. So it’s clear that Audi is working hard on alternative fuel.

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Audi is also spending quite a bit of money on other technologies, having just spend .85 billion Euros on Nokia’s HERE mapping service (a joint purchase with BMW and Mercedes-Benz) and will be investing more in other technologies as well. Audi will also be looking for new people and fresh minds in the fields of alternative fuels and technologies. Thomas Sigi, Board of Management Member for Human Resources at AUDI AG, stated “We are looking for experts in areas important for the future.”

It’s clear that Audi wants to improve on its already impressive technological prowess. This isn’t a surprise, as that’s something that Audi has always done and will always continue to do. It’s Audi’s signature dish. Vorsprung durch Technik

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