Audi increases September sales 6.8 percent

After selling 170,900 cars in September, Audi has seen a rise of 6.8 percent worldwide. Much of this added success has to do with the brand’s increased popularity in the North American market, something Audi has been working very hard to do for a long time. Sales in the Americas rose 11.9 percent in September, with the next biggest market being the European market, which rose 8.8 percent. This past September was also the biggest September in the brand’s history in the European market, selling almost 80,000 vehicles. The new Audi Q7 had much to do with that.

Audi Q7
Audi Q7

“In light of the difficult market situation in important regions, we view our sales performance in the third quarter positively. Our growth in Europe demonstrates that new models are generating additional volume,” says Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. In September alone, Audi managed to increase combined deliveries of the new Audi Q7 and the new Audi TT by around 4,900 units compared with the same month last year. By the middle of next year, the company intends to launch another 15 new or updated models in the global markets. “That will further boost our sales.”

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Countries who bought the most Audis this past September are as follows: China (53,095), UK (28,778), Germany (27,710) and the USA (17,340). The extremely high sales figures in China has much to do with the extraordinary work of the former President of Audi China, Dietmar Voggenreiter, who has now been promoted to the Board of Management of Sales and Marketing at Audi AG. So, hopefully, Voggenreiter can work his magic on the rest of the world and Audi can start to compete with BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the number one luxury brand in the world.

Sale for AUDI AGIn SeptemberCumulative
– Germany21,71021,703+0.0%208,367198,043+5.2%
– UK28,77826,226+9.7%133,570126,840+5.3%
– France4,8714,308+13.1%44,40343,367+2.4%
– Italy5,0183,662+37.0%41,18837,628+9.5%
– Spain3,2242,476+30.2%34,96730,891+13.2%
– Russia2,6072,557+2.0%18,96625,724-26.3%
(incl. Hong Kong)
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