Audi hits 100,000 units production milestone in Hungary

Audi is proud to announce their factory in Gyor, Hungary has reached the 100,000 units production milestone. It was June 2013 when Audi commenced production of the A3 Sedan and A3 Cabriolet at the plant in Gyor and last month the production was further expanded with the addition of the third generation TT. Running non-stop, Audi’s factory in Hungary assembled the 100,000th car on September 11 and it was a glacier white S3 Sedan built in US specification judging by the orange repeaters in the headlights.

Pretty soon, Audi will bump the production rate at the Gyor factory to approximately 160,000 units annually to match the increasing demand for the all-new TT which will also be offered in a roadster derivative set to be unveiled next month at the Paris Motor Show. At the assembly plant in Hungary there are more than 3,000 people working in three shifts so it’s a non-stop 24 hours a day schedule.

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With production set to increase in the near future, it won’t be too long when Audi will hit another production milestone at the Gyor factory. It was only last month when Audi added a third shift to keep up with demand as the factory assembles cars not only for the European market but also for United States.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.