Audi highlights self-driving technology

Audi USA published an image on its official Facebook account offering some highlights regarding their self-driving technology. The system was already demonstrated with the RS7 piloted driving concept and now through this image we get to find out some interesting details about what the engineers from Ingolstadt managed to develop.

For example, the system features a so-called “Dozing Alarm” which makes use of a camera that can detect whether the driver’s eyes close for more than 10 seconds and if so, it will automatically active an alarm to alert the driver. In addition, there’s a “Speed Reader” function reading and interpreting speed limit signs which helps at maintaining the car within the speed limit.

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Audi self-driving technology
Audi self-driving technology

Audi says the system also has “Hawk Eyes” which are represented by rear-mounted radar sensors monitoring cars to the left, right and rear to help the drive perform safe lane changing maneuvers. At the front there are additional radar sensors that can detect when the car needs to come to a stop. In case of an accident, the “360-degree protection” provided by the crash sensors installed in the front & rear will aid in the deployment of the airbags.

Lastly, Audi’s self-driving technology also encompasses the “Eyes in the Dark” system thanks to an infrared camera night vision assistant that can detect people and animals which are crossing the road during the evening & night hours.

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