Audi highlights a fully restored 1956 DKW Electric Van

Audi has taken the wraps off a fully restored and quite rare 1956 DKW Electric Van. For those of you who are unfamiliar with DKW, it was one of the four companies that eventually emerged to become what we know today as Audi. Back in 1956, DKW made a model commercialized with the Schnellaster Kastenwagen moniker which translated means Rapid Transit Panel Van. Power came from a three-cylinder, two-stroke engine with an 896cc displacement and a maximum output of 42 bhp.

Interestingly, DKW also built approximately 100 units of a fully electric variant and most of them were sold to the electricity company of Germany. It is believed only two cars exist today and one of them can be seen in these images.

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1956 DKW Electric Van
1956 DKW Electric Van

Audi was in charge of fully restoring this 1956 DWK Electric Van and most likely its destination is at one of the company’s museums. The vehicle is powered by an electric motor developing 7 bhp which grants a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) while the maximum range is rated at a very decent 50 miles (80 km), not too shabby for an electric vehicle built in the 50s.

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