Audi highlights the A4 Avant ultra

A few month ago Audi introduced the economical A4 Avant ultra along with other similar frugal models from the “ultra” lineup such as the A5 Coupe & Sportback and the A6 Sedan & Avant. All these models are powered by a newly developed 4-cylinder, 2.0 TDI engine which in the A4 Avant ultra is offered with 136 PS (100 kW) & 320 Nm and 163 PS (120 kW) & 400 Nm.

The 136 PS variant needs 9.6 seconds to complete the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) on its way to a top speed of 129 mph (208 km/h) while the more powerful model needs 8.6 seconds for the sprint before hitting a maximum speed of 134 mph (216 km/h). More importantly, the cars have a fuel consumption of only 4.2 liters / 100 km and 4.4 liters / 100 km, respectively. Audi has also managed to reduce CO2 emissions to only 109 g/km and 114 g/km.

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These figures were possible after tweaking the car’s aerodynamics and lowering the body as well as installing a special manual transmission with a slightly taller gear ratio in the upper gears.

The Audi A4 Avant ultra has gone on sale in the first quarter of the year and in Germany the less powerful model costs 34,250 euros whereas the 163 PS variant has a starting price of 36,350 euros.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.