Audi lends wind tunnel to Olympic Sailor

Audi is fortunate enough to be a very large, very successful and very wealthy company that houses several impressive and expensive pieces of technology. One of those technologies Audi happens to own is a wind tunnel, something it uses quite a bit. However, it’s also kind enough to lend out its wind tunnel to many of those that need it, such as German Olympic Sailor, Phillipp Buhl.

Audi allowed Buhl and his coach, Thomas Piesker, to use its wind tunnel so that he could practice sailing in heavy winds. Obviously, the boat wasn’t in any water, but this allowed him to practice his moves in a controlled environment. This actually isn’t the first time Audi has lent its wind tunnel to athletes, as it’s lent it out to ski jumpers and surfers in the past.

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Philipp Buhl (D)
Philipp Buhl

Buhl will be competing in this Summer’s Olympic games and, hopefully, the practice he gets in Audi’s wind tunnel pays dividends in the actual races. But if it does, it’s likely that Audi is going to be getting more phone calls from other athletes looking to borrow the wind tunnel as well.

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