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Tonight is the NFL Hall of Fame game. This celebratory game pits two teams, who are honoring players being inducted into the HoF, against each other in the first preseason NFL game of the year. If you’re like me, you’ll watch the game, despite the fact that 90 percent of each teams starters don’t play for fear of injury, because you love the NFl. And if you love the NFL, watching some of the all-time greats get forever enshrined into the Hall of Fame is a special moment to behold.

Everyone likes Hall of Fame moments, of any kind. It showcases the best of the best in their field being recognized for their achievements. So I got to thinking, there should be an automotive Hall of Fame, a sort of honoring of cars that were milestones in automotive history. But since I know of no such Hall of Fame, let’s make our own, for Audi. I’ll pick some Audis that I think would be inducted this year.

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Being that for an NFL player to be inducted to the HoF, they need to have been retired for five years. For Audis, we’ll select model years that aren’t in production anymore. So here are some Audis that would make the brand’s Hall of Fame.

Audi quattro A1 Group B rally car
Audi quattro A1 Group B rally car

Audi Quattro – The Quattro is the most obvious choice. It’s Audi’s most iconic car and the car that gave Audi the Quattro nameplate still used today. It’s turbocharged inline-five cylinder engine paired with a 5-Speed manual and powering all four wheels made the Quattro the best rally racing car in the world when it debuted in the 1980’s. The Quattro is Audi’s greatest car.

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D2 Audi S8 – This is the original S8, a car that helped change the way we looked at big luxury cars. After the S8 we knew that it was possible to take a big cruising luxury car and make it a performance missile. Its 4.2 liter V8 made 335 hp and challenged Mercedes and its AMG nameplate. Despite being as big and heavy and luxurious as it was, its Quattro all-wheel drive grip and stiffer Bilstein suspension allowed it to perform like a sports car.

B6 Audi S4 – The B6 wasn’t the first Audi S4, that was the B5. However, while the B5 S4 was a good car, the B6 S4 was a transcendent car. Its appeal will live on for decades to come. With its glorious 4.2 liter V8 that revved to the moon and 6-Speed manual made it one of the best driving sports sedans on the market at the time. It also looked fantastic, especially in Avant form, and was luxurious.

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There are many, many Audis that could be nominated to the Hall of Fame, but we’d be here all day. these are just some of the Audis that resonate with me and that I would want in the HoF. If you have any that aren’t listed above, let us know in the comment section.



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