Audi grabs two titles in the sport auto Award 2015 reader survey


Audi has secured two wins and four second-place finishes in the sport auto Award 2015 reader survey.

These days it’s all about the dieselgate within the Volkswagen Group, but we are taking a small break from that to focus on a new reader survey conducted by the reputable German magazine “sport auto”. The five-door S1 Sportback managed to take the win in the “small car” category after obtaining 29.2% of the votes from a total of 13,600 readers. In addition, the Audi RS6 Avant triumphed in the “Sedans and station wagons over 100,000 euros” category with a total of 26.7% votes.

Besides these two first places, Audi secured no less than four second place finishes with the RS3 Sportback, S3 Sedan, TTS Coupe and R8 V10 Plus while the RS5 Coupe grabbed third place in its category.

This goes to show that Audi’s image is very powerful and although it’s being negatively affected by the massive TDI scandal, many people still choose models from the company with the four ring logo as their favorites.

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The award ceremony for the sport auto Award 2015 reader survey was held in Stuttgart, Germany on October 19 when Audi celebrated all those seven podium finishes with a variety of models.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.