Audi going to the moon

Audi is officially helping out a group of German scientists, called Part-Time Scientists, create a lunar rover to actually traverse our moon. This video proves Audi’s involvement in the project and it’s a very exciting idea.

Audi isn’t going to be directly involved with the actual sending of the rover to the moon. It’s more going to be helping with developing the actual rover. Audi is an outstanding automaker, but making a car for Earth’s near-perfect conditions and making a small lunar rover to be driven via remote-control from 238,900 miles away (according to Google) in extremely poor conditions are two very different things. So Audi will just be providing some technical help to a team of scientists who will actually be designing the rover.


However, according to both Audi and Part-Time Scientists, this lunar rover will us Audi’s Quattro technology. If Audi does know one thing that can help build a lunar rover, it’s how to traverse ugly terrain without skipping a beat. So Audi can develop the all-wheel drive system for the rover and give it excellent software to help it make its way over the extremely poor terrain. Plus, a lunar rover being called the Audi Lunar Quattro is pretty cool.

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The video is very short and is entirely computer generated, but fun to watch nonetheless. It basically depicts the Audi Lunar Quattro driving up a ski ramp aimed at the moon. While the video itself isn’t all that exciting, the concept is and it excites for the future of what’s possible. Either way, it’s only 37 seconds long so it’s worth checking out.

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