Audi goes to Transylvania for Halloween

Happy Halloween, everybody. It’s officially October 31st and that means all the creepy monster are coming. Actually, it means many adults of various degrees of intoxication will be wearing silly costumes and making bad choices. But it’s fun to pretend the former is happening. Which is why Audi recently went to the spookiest place on Earth for Halloween — Transylvania.

But it wasn’t just a visit to Transylvania, the home of Dracula, as Audi actually went to Bran Castle, the very place Vlad Dracula lived. Actually, Bran Castle was only the home of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and there’s no real evidence that Vlad the Impaler lived there, only rumors. In fact, Vlad Tepes (commonly known as Vlad Dracula) is said to have lived in an old stone house in Sighi?oara, Romania. Still, it’s spooky anyway and there’s rumor that Vlad’s spirit still haunts the castle and the town.

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So what better place to take an Audi RS7, with its mighty twin-turbo V8, on Halloween? Exactly. The photos on Audi’s Instagram story are breathtaking and makes us want to drive the RS7 there ourselves. Check it out on the brand’s Instagram but we have a few snaps of the story here.


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