Audi global sales rose by 1.2% last month

The Volkswagen Group is proud to announce a 1.2% increase in Audi global sales for last month compared to the same period of 2014. They managed to deliver 153,850 units also helped by the massive 11.1% jump in sales in Americas to approximately 24,500 units. Moreover, deliveries of the TT almost doubled (+96.6%) while year-to-date sales have increased by 4.3% to 744,900 cars.

As far as the United States is concerned, Audi mentions sales of the Q3, Q5 and Q7 achieved a combined growth of 37% and across all models sales figures rose by 11% to 18,428 cars which represents the second-best monthly result for the brand in U.S. Year-to-date deliveries in United States have rose by 11.7% while in Canada last month sales increased by 26.2% to 2,880 units. In the first five months of this year, Audi sold 10,800 cars (+18.6%) in Canada which is almost as many as they sold in the entire 2009 year.

These great Audi global sales were also helped by Western Europe where last month they commercialized 64,900 units which represents a 1.4% increase. Some of the most performing countries were Italy (+23.3% to 5,336 cars), Spain (+13.4% to 4,037 cars) and Portugal (+38.2% to 1,002 cars) while in Germany deliveries rose by 0.8% to 24,727 units.

Sales for
In MayCumulative
20152014Change from 201420152014Change from 2014
 – Germany24,72724,540+0.8%123,598116,501+6.1%
 – UK13,64113,511+1.0%72,54869,812+3.9%
 – France4,8514,967-2.3%25,17225,239-0.3%
 – Italy5,3364,327+23.3%23,15721,134+9.6%
 – Spain4,0373,561+13.4%20,45818,621+9.9%
 – Russia1,9003,020-37.1%10,14814,966-32.2%
(incl. Hong Kong)
Adrian Padeanu

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