Audi getting naming rights to D.C. United Stadium

So proper Football, or as we call it here in the ‘States, Soccer, isn’t actually all that popular on this side of the Atlantic. However, it is growing in popularity and new stadiums are being built for many of the US-based soccer clubs. One of those clubs is the D.C. United, which plays in our nation’s capitol of Washington D.C., and it will be getting a new stadium quite soon. The naming rights for that stadium have just been purchased by Audi.

Audi Field as it will be unoriginally called. While D.C. United hasn’t actually gotten approval to build the stadium just yet, they’ve already sold Audi the naming rights for it for an undisclosed price. However, The Washington Post claims that it’s one of the largest naming rights deals int he league. Audi has always been involved in Soccer sponsorships, mainly in Europe. So it’s no surprise that the brand wants to get involved here as well.

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“Audi has transcended the automobile industry and fully embraced the culture of soccer, especially in MLS,” said Jason Levien, D.C. United managing general partner.

“We are excited to work with D.C. United and to continue our commitment to soccer in America as well as here in our own backyard,” said Loren Angelo, vice president of marketing for Audi of America.

The new stadium will feature seating for 20,000 people and will also have 31 luxury suites. Compared to many stadiums in America, that’s rather small, actually. However, it’s large enough for Soccer in the US and will also be used for many other events as well.

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