Audi gets two wins for Quattro in Auto Bild Allrad reader survey

Audi’s made itself famous for its Quattro all-wheel drive system, named after the fire-spitting UR Quattro rally car of the 1980’s. Ever since, Quattro has been synonymous with the Audi brand and been instrumental in making its mark on the auto industry. Now, every all-wheel drive Audi vehicle bears the Quattro nameplate to represent the brand’s class-leading all-wheel drive technology. Audi has been considered the leader of the field in this technology and has now been recognized for it with two wins in the Auto Bild Allrad reader’s survey.

The all-new Audi A4 Allroad takes the first victory, in the “All-wheel Crossover” category, as it acts as both a luxury sedan and a rugged crossover. The A4 Allroad has the ability to be a fun sedan that can fit a family but also to go off the beaten trail and tackle dirt roads. While we aren’t big fans of the Allroad here at QuattroDaily, as we much prefer the A4 Avant, we can still appreciate its value to customers and to Audi.

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Audi A4 allroad quattro
Audi Allroad

The second win for Audi in this survey comes by way of the Audi A6, which won “All-wheel Car Over 40,000 Euros.”  We love the Audi A6 for its ability to be a luxury cruiser with impeccable build quality and comfort and also for its ability to be a high-end sport sedan. The Audi A6 is such a capable car that’s so enjoyable to drive and so luxurious that it’s almost impossible to beat in the segment. There isn’t anything that the Audi A6 does poorly and we must agree with its win here.

Much of the reason Audi is winning awards with its Quattro all-wheel drive technology is that it’s getting better all the time. As is the case with the new Audi A4 Allroad, which happens to be the first four-ringed car to debut with Audi’s new Quattro Ultra technology. The new Quattro Ultra all-wheel drive has been developed to maximize efficiency by decoupling the rear driveshaft when driving under normal conditions, rendering the car front-wheel drive temporarily. When the car detects that it needs more traction from the rear wheels, it can recouple the rear driveshaft in fractions of a second and the switch is imperceptible.

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Audi A6
Audi A6

Audi has worked extremely hard on its Quattro all-wheel drive technology and it deserves the wins its gotten.

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