Audi files for new “Four-Rings” logo in Germany

Despite being a bit of an automotive icon at this point, Audi’s traditional four-ringed logo might be getting a bit of an overhaul, or maybe just a sidekick. As it turns out, Audi has filed for a trademark in Germany for two new variations of the “Four-Rings” logo.

In this new report from QuattroWorld, we learned that Audi had applied for two new logo trademarks recently. So we dug into EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) website to take a look and found both logos, both of which were filed for this year.

Both logos look similar to the current “Four-Rings” logo that Audi currently uses. One of which eliminates all the links on the inside of the rings, leaving it as just a silhouette of the Four-Rings. The other is similar, except it keeps the two interior rings. The latter of which looks odd and is not as good looking as either the traditional Four-Rings or the silhouette of them.

The Four-Rings have been representing the Audi brand for the better half of a century and that were designed to represent the four brands that came together to make the Auto Union. Of those four brands were Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer. Once Volkswagen took full control of the Auto Union in the ’60s, it dropped the other brand names and just used “Audi”. Still, VW decided to keep the Auto Union logo.

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We don’t know what Audi is going to do with either of these silhouette-style Four-Rings logos but we have a couple of guesses. Being that both of these logos were filed to be used for “Vehicles and conveyances; Parts and fittings for vehicles, and wheels, tyres and continuous tracks for vehicles; Radiator grilles for vehicles.”, we know that they’ve been designed for the use on vehicles themselves and not any sort of marketing purposes. So Audi might be fitting some new models with these new logos.

If we were to guess, it would either be one of two options. Audi could be planning on using one of these logos for its upcoming “Horch” model A8. There have been rumors swirling that Audi wants to revive the once-prestigious Horch name for an extra-luxurious A8 model, similar to what Mercedes-Benz has done with Maybach and the S-Class. It could also be that Audi is going to use one of these new logos for upcoming e-tron models.

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Auto Union Type C

Either of those ideas would help differentiate those cars from the normal lineup, something brand’s like to do. For instance, BMW is going to be replacing its standard blue and white Roundel with a black and white one, sporting gold font, on ultra high-end models to differentiate them from regular models. We can see Audi doing something similar.

Or, it could be nothing. Sometimes companies file for trademarks that they might want to use in the future, without any specific plans, just so they can lock the trademark up without anyone else taking it. That’s entirely possible as well. Only time will tell.

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