Audi features interactive mural at L.A. show

Audi is exhibiting these days at the Los Angeles Auto Show a newly developed interactive mural consisting of two large LED walls. It measures 10 x 25 foot and represents a dynamic video display encompassing no less than eight monitors which are interconnected to provide one big cohesive screen. Needless to say, the entire purposes of the moral is to feature cinematic animations of the firm’s model line.

Up to six visitors can have a look at the interactive mural by activating digital visualizations showcasing not only the Audi vehicles, but also special experiences such as the sportscar segment. In one of these visualizations the user can pit an Audi TDI clean diesel up against several competitors in a virtual simulated distance race to showcase the massive range granted by the frugal TDI engines.

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Users of the interactive mural can also play around with a configurator giving the possibility of selecting just about any color for any car within Audi’s range, while a digital representation of the quattro system is also accessible. Visitors of the Los Angeles Auto Show can virtually test the quattro system on various road surfaces such as snow and rain.

There’s also a full LED highlight back wall installed behind the main stage which shows off several Audi products & technologies related to the L.A. show. Lastly, a secondary LED wall is also there providing further details and videos about the products.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.