Audi factory workers now testing medical gloves for better ergonomics during production

Audi has announced employees at the factories in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Gyor are now using medical gloves to find out if these improve ergonomics on the assembly line.

These are known as “production orthoses” and have been designed to reduce pressure stress by more than 50% while performing a variety of assembly tasks. Audi says they plan on putting the special glove into series application before the end of the year.

The special medical gloves have been developed by Audi in collaboration with Spörer AG, plant doctors and occupational safety specialists. Moreover, employee feedback was also very important in order to perfectly tailor the glove to the requirements. The end result is a glove that is made from a breathable Teflon material featuring a shock-absorbent lining in the area where the pressure is exerted in order to lower the forces acting on the hand. The wrist is stabilized thanks to a highly elastic fastener.

At the moment, 1,000 Audi employees are using the medical gloves representing a pilot project part of the “Workplace of the Future” concerning the firm’s ergonomic strategy for the years to come. The main objective of the medical glove is to lower the strain on the hand while maintaining the same tactile sense and mobility.

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Adrian Padeanu

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