Audi Faces Backlash on Twitter for EV Range Comments

At the moment, Audi is becoming one of the bigger EV automakers in the world. With three four variants of two different models currently on sale, and two more to be released next year, Audi is quickly rising in the EV game. In a recent tweet, Audi told its followers, “Let’s Talk Range.” Then things got a bit out of hand.


One commenter wrote back, saying “300 miles minimum.” To which Audi responded, “How often do you drive 300 miles a day?”


That’s when the angry comments started. People accused Audi (really, whichever agency runs its social media accounts) of being combative and denying the need for that sort of mileage. While that might be true (or it might have been Audi genuinely asking how often customers drive that far), the comments seemed a bit presumptuous.


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And herein lies the problem. “Let’s talk range” was the tweet. Major EV influencer tells @Audi what he’d expect as a minimum and Audi comes back and say “F you, you don’t need that” (or words to that effect).” said one tweeter. That’s a bit of an extreme interpretation of what was said but we see his point.


Most of the commenters are Tesla customers who feel that Audi’s EVs are far inferior, due to the superior ranges found in Teslas. As always, nothing is as cut and dried as it seems.


Yes, Tesla’s vehicles have better ranges, throughout their battery lineups, than Audi’s e-tron models, which is far better for road trips. Yes, Audi’s 222 miles of range from its various e-tron SUVs is subpar. But also, 300 miles in a single day is extremely rare for the average customer, either American or European. In fact, the majority of Americans’ commutes are under thirty minutes, for which 222 miles will be far more than sufficient, round trip.

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Still, Audi shouldn’t really be getting huffy with people on Twitter when its cars don’t have the same range as other competitors.

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