Audi Exclusive creates a fancy 2015 Q7 duo

Audi France has released a photo gallery with a 2015 Q7 duo pampered with the Audi Exclusive treatment. Both of them come with the optional matrix LED headlights, wood trim and special paint schemes part of the Individual catalog where each paint costs a hefty €3,500. We also notice the elegant wood trim adorns the cabin of both cars which both have the Audi Exclusive leather package as well as the Bose audio system.

These special tweaks make the new Q7 look more posh and obviously further broaden the model’s appeal, even though some have accused Audi for playing it safe with the car’s design and not make any significant changes. We feel that it now looks like a more upscale product, especially if you pay extra for the goodies offered through the Audi Exclusive catalog.

If you want your Q7 to be sporty rather than elegant, you should wait for the SQ7 which is bound to show up in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a turbodiesel six-cylinder engine benefiting from e-turbo technology. It will look more aggressive than the regular model and will likely host a quad exhaust system, beefier brakes and other similar enhancements which will obviously command a serious premium compared to the standard variant.

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Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.