Audi Engineers Tell You What’s So Great About The RS6 Avant

The RS6 Avant is a car that needs no introduction since it’s easily one of the most desirable models to ever carry the Four Rings. The C8 generation of the super wagon is better in just about every way than its predecessor, including in terms of availability. We’re obviously talking about the fact it’s finally coming to North America, prompting the company’s local division to release a video in which we get to hear Audi engineers talk about the hotly anticipated model.

We’re being reminded by Audi engineers of how different the RS6 Avant is compared to the regular A6 Avant, with only the front doors, middle roof section, and tailgate borrowed from the standard model. The optional 22-inch alloy wheels are the largest ever installed on an RS6, while the laser headlights are only available on this range-topping version.

Being a roomy wagon with supercar-like performance and the typically luxurious Audi interior, the RS6 Avant can pretty much do it all. Audi engineers talk about how the model can be not only a daily cruiser and a weekend getaway car, but even suitable for a track day. “It’s a sports car without losing the daily usability,” according to the model’s product manager.

In the press release published back in March to announce the car’s $109,000 MSRP starting price, Audi said “Money can’t buy happiness… but it can buy an RS6 Avant.” That’s certainly true since we’d all rather be sad in an RS6 than in a base A3 Sedan. People in the US have been asking Audi to bring the ultimate Avant for years, so it will be interesting to see how many will actually buy one.

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Despite being revealed way back in August 2019, the model is still not listed in the Audi USA configurator. The RS6 Avant will be available later this year together with a Nogaro Package limited to 25 units. This high-end version comes with the bigger wheels, red brake calipers, a sports exhaust, enhanced driver assistance systems, and black exterior accents.

Adrian Padeanu

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