Audi Engine Venture With Porsche Is Good News

We recently just reported that Audi and Porsche would be building engines together under a new architecture. This 90 degree shared architecture will be a modular one, similar to the EfficientDynamics engine architecture used by BMW, where each cylinder bore will be the same 500cc and will either add or subtract cylinders to create different engines. This means that V6 engines will displace 3.0 liters and V8 engines will be 4.0 liters. Though tolerances are rumored to be built in to allow Audi to build a 2.5 liter V6 for entry level models.

Audi 4.0 TFSI Engine
Audi 4.0 TFSI Engine

Exhaust gas-driven turbochargers are said to be used initially, with the ability to switch to electrically-driven turbos in the future. This is also similar to BMW’s EfficientDynamics architecture, as all BMW engines have switched to forced induction as well. These new engines, built on the KoVoMo (Konzern Vee Otto Motoren in German) architecture will also power most new vehicles from Bentley and Lamborghini as well as Audi and Porsche.

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This news of joint engine building is very good news, indeed. These scalable modular engine architectures keep costs down and allow automakers to easily and inexpensively make engines bigger and more powerful. BMW is seeing success in its new architecture, so it stands to reason that Audi and Porsche will as well. It also allows Audi and Porsche to used their combined knowledge and make excellent engines to power future Volkswagen Group vehicles for years to come.

Audi RS4 Avant render by Theophilus Chin
Audi RS4 Avant render by Theophilus Chin

It’s likely that we’ll see the benefits of this new venture when cars like the Audi RS4 and possibly the next Porsche Panamera debut. The RS4 is already rumored to use an electrically-driven turbocharger, so it makes sense that Audi has had this new engine architecture planned for the RS4 already. This new engine architecture could also spawn the new engine in the entry-level Audi R8, if Audi does in fact make one.

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This joint engine building partnership can only mean good things for both companies. It lowers costs and allows for more flexibility for automakers. So both Audi and Porsche will benefit and so will the customers. I for one am excited about the idea of half Porsche-bred engines being in new Audis and Audi will gain a reputation boost for having half Audi-bred engines in Porches. This is an exciting time for Audi fans.

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