Audi employees getting an average €6,540 bonus thanks to 2014 success

Audi has announced employees will receive an average of €6,540 profit-sharing bonus following a very successful 2014. This applies to those who work at the factories in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm who are paid according to the collective-bargaining agreements and this figure is actually smaller compared to last year (€6,900) but that’s because the number of workers eligible has increased by 4,000.

Audi has announced plans to hire more than 6,000 new employees this year, with 4,000 of them being recruited in Germany. At the moment, the automaker has more than 80,000 employees all over the world, including last year’s new additions such as the 4,548 workers hired at the plants in Germany, the 1,686 employees at Audi Hungaria as well as the 880 people hired at the San José Chiapa plant.

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According to Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works Council: “The employees write our successful story. It is they who make Vorsprung durch Technik possible. That’s why it is more than fair that the employees participate also financially.”

We remind you Audi managed to deliver no less than 1.74 million cars in 2014, an all-time record for the Volkswagen-owned marque which will possibly surpass the 2 million mark before the end of the decade.

Adrian Padeanu

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