Audi CEO Claims Electric Vehicle Range Will Go Down in the Future

At the moment, automakers are scrambling to push the limits of all-electric battery range. More accurately, automakers are scrambling to keep up with Tesla and its massive range figures. Audi is one of those brands but it doesn’t think that range is going to be the be-all, end-all of EVs in the future. In fact, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann thinks that EV range will actually do down as EVs become more popular.


Of course, in the short term, big electric range is important, so Audi is going to work exclusively on bespoke EVs that can house larger battery packs. In a recent interview with Roadshow, Duesmann has recognized Tesla’s advantage in the market and is looking to emulate that for the short term.

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“Much of the industry started with much smaller batteries. Tesla started with huge batteries, and we see how important range is for our customers. That’s why we’ve invested in more range.” he recently told Roadshow. “From now on you will only see purpose-built cars, so you have more space to put a big battery.”


However, he understands that, in the long term, electric range will not only be as big of a priority but that the majority of customers will prefer cheaper, smaller range EVs.


Putting huge batteries for thousands of kilometers, I’m not sure that this is a trend that will go on.” Duesmann said. “Later on they will go down because charging infrastructure is denser and also the experience of customers.”


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He goes on to make a good point about the energy infrastructure, and how if it gets as easy to use as refueling a gasoline car, customers will prioritize other features over outright range. We spoke a bit about this recently, how charge speed and convenience is more important than range, as the ability to recharge quickly and easily negates the need for a massive battery. The smaller the battery, the lighter the weight and cheaper the cost. So if it’s quick and easy to charge, why spend more money on range when you don’t have to?


It’s an interesting interview and one worth checking out. Check it out at the link below.


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[Source: Roadshow]
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