Audi e-truc concept rendered

“Automotive manipulator” Theophilus Chin has played around with a third generation TT and transformed it into a two-seater, electric pickup truck that goes by the name of Audi e-truc concept. Needless to say, the engineers working in Ingolstadt are definitely not analyzing the prospects of introducing such a model but it’s still a pretty neat idea to see the TT featuring a completely different body style.

Speaking of another body style, Audi’s technical boss Ulrich Hackenberg announced a while back after the 2014 TT came out that the lineup could be expanded with several new members, including a family car. Hackenberg did not specify the type of body style that will be used and it’s interesting to see where such a model would be positioned taking into account Audi already has the well-established A4 and the recently introduced A3 Sedan so we are wondering whether there’s room for yet another sedan.

Maybe it won’t be a sedan as Audi could be thinking of a stylish and practical TT-based shooting brake derivative. This could be the one since back in January at 2014 NAIAS in Detroit they did show an allroad shooting brake concept which had a lot of potential that probably won’t be left unused.

It’s still too early in the third-gen’s TT lifespan for new members so chances are the family will be expanded in 2015 or even 2016 but don’t expect something similar to this Audi e-truc concept.

via theophiluschin.com

Adrian Padeanu

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