Audi e-tron Vision GT teased yet again

We recently learned that Audi would be working with the famous Gran Turismo video game franchise to create an electric concept racing car for Gran Turismo Sport, on Playstation 4. Audi Tweeted about it almost a month ago and now the actual unveiling of the car is almost here.

On April 9, Audi will be showing off its e-tron Vision GT for Gran Turismo Sport and it’s very exciting for enthusiasts of both the brand and game. Now, it’s being teased yet again, ahead of its official debut in just a few days. This new video released on Audi Sport’s Facebook page shows member of both Audi and Gran Turismo working on the design of the car. According to Audi’s designers, its upcoming electric cars, such as the e-tron GT Vision Concept, will be “very emotional and fascinating.”

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We only get to see a silhouette of it but it features a low-slung shape with massive wheels and a massive wing. There’s no question — it’s a race car. And given its “e-tron” name, it’s going to be some sort of electric race car. Whether it be a fully-electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or some sort of plug-in hybrid, we aren’t sure. However, its e-tron badge proves that there will be some sort of electrification involved.

Just from its silhouette, it looks pretty damn good. It has a bit of a first-gen Audi R8 look to it and that’s a massive compliment. It looks mid-engine, even though it’s most likely going to be electric, and it looks properly fast. What’s great is that Audi has worked with Gran Turismo to develop this car, so its styling, driving dynamics and power will all be accurate to what the four-ringed brand is planning.

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We’ll keep you updated on this new Audi e-tron Vision GT as we get it. Stay tuned.

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