Audi e-tron Towed an EV1 500 Miles From Tusla To Austin

Audi recently took the e-tron on a bit of an adventure to test out, and show off, what it can do. We’ve seen the Audi e-tron cross hundred and hundreds of miles before but this time there was a bit of a twist. Instead of just driving 500 miles from Tusla, Oklahoma to Austin, Texas — a long distance for an EV — it did so while towing a 4,000 lb trailer filled with the electric vehicle that really started it all.


It’s interesting to see Audi paying tribute to the Granddaddy of EVs, so to speak, in the GM EV1. That car was built in 1996-1999 and was only offered to lease in a handful of cities on the West Coast. However, it’s the car that essentially started it all, in terms of mass-production electric cars, even if it was a commercial failure.

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To pay tribute to that, the Audi e-tron picked up the EV1 in Tusla, as part of a 4,000 lb trailer, that it then towed 500 miles to Austin. While an F-150 truck could make that journey in its sleep, it’s actually quite impressive for an EV. The e-tron only has about 204 miles of range to begin with but that number drastically decreases once you add another 4,000 lbs, obviously.


S line exterior package

So Audi used a series of 150 kW fast chargers to help it complete its journey. Those chargers allowed it to regain 80-percent of its battery capacity in just 30 minutes. We’re assuming that had to be done quite frequently, as Audi claims the e-tron only averaged 1.3 mi/kWh. Considering it has a 95 kWh battery, that’s an average of only 123.5 miles.

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What’s even more impressive is that the Audi e-tron completed the 504 mile one-way trip in almost entirely¬† poor conditions. It rained the majority of the time and the average temperature was 35-degrees Fahrenheit, hardly ideal conditions for a long-distance EV haul.


Little adventures like this go a long way in showing the customer that they can actually live with electric vehicles. Sure, the Audi e-tron had to stop every hundred or so miles to recharge for thirty minutes but it was also towing a 4,000 trailer. This shows that EVs have come a long way since the EV1 sitting in the back of it.

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