Audi e-tron to be featured in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Audi has been working its new cars into Marvel movies for some time now. The first big one was the first-gen Audi R8 V8 in the first Iron Man film, featured as the titular character’s car of choice. It was so fitting for the movie and the superhero and also so memorable that the R8 is often called Iron Man’s car. Then, the SQ7 made its debut in Captain America: Civil War and, more recently, the new Audi A8 debuted in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, the four-ringed brand is hitting the big screen again, as the new Audi e-tron will make show its electrified face in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

There’s very little official information about the upcoming Spider-Man movie but some teasers and leaks have been trickling out, showing off the new villain and now its new automotive star. In this recent tweet, showing off some leaked footage of production in Liberec, Czech Republic, we see both the new villain and the Audi e-tron.

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Admittedly, the footage comes from very far away and from a high vantage point but we can clearly see Spider-Man facing off with Mysterio, the new villain played by Jake Gyllenhaal, when a few black Audis pull up behind Mysterio. The first one to pull up is clearly the new all-electric Audi e-tron.

It’s evident that we’re looking at the e-tron, based on its headlights shape, aggressively raked roofline and wheels. The rest of the set looks like destroyed buildings and a town on fire. So this scene occurs, presumably, after a massive fight sequence. Looks like fun.

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Audi seems to want to put its newest, most high-tech vehicles in Marvel movies, maybe to keep up with a younger, techier audience. It’s a pretty smart move, in our opinion. Plus, it’s always exciting for us to get that little glimpse of a cool new car when we go and see these new Marvel movies. So keep your eyes out for the new Audi e-tron when you see Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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