Audi e-tron sales aren’t doing so well in the US but it’s okay

At the moment, the Audi e-tron is one of the worst-selling EVs on the market. That’s honestly not entirely unexpected. First of all, electric cars don’t exactly fly off the shelves, especially in luxury segments where buyers are used to longer ranges and fast refuel times. But secondly, the Audi e-tron is very expensive and relatively unheard of among most customers. So it’s not exactly shocking that it’s not selling well.

However, when you actually look at the numbers, it is quite shocking. In September, only 434 Audi e-tron models found homes in the US. In fact, in its first several months on sale, Audi only sold 3,540 e-trons in the US. Compare that to the 13,725 Tesla Model Xs that sold in the same time period and the Audi e-tron doesn’t look so hot.

While the numbers look bad, it’s not yet time for Audi to freak out. The e-tron is still very new, with few customers even knowing of its existence. One of the big reasons for this is the fact that few, if any, Audi e-tron models sit in showrooms. And because most salespeople are lazy, they’re just going to push Q5s and Q7s, rather than educate customers on the e-tron.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. More and more e-tron models will begin to roll out and the more that hit the road, the more customer awareness will grow. Not only that but the variety of e-tron models will grow. Because of its high price tag, there are a lot of customers that know about the e-tron, and maybe even want one, but either won’t or can’t afford to spend the money. With less expensive models on the horizon, more and more customers will be able to afford an all-electric Audi e-tron of some sort.

Also, when the Audi e-tron GT arrives, it will garner a lot of attention. Its stunning looks and impressive performance will make the e-tron GT the Audi R8 of its time; a flagship that brings customers into dealerships wanting to buy into the brand that makes such an exciting car. So customers will come because of the e-tron GT and leave with a less expensive model. The Audi R8 did the very same thing back in the day.

So while the Audi e-tron isn’t having a stellar sales year, now isn’t the time for panic. Audi seems to have a plan for its electric future and this is likely part of it.

[Source: Inside EVs]
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