Audi E-Tron S Possibly Spied Testing At The Nurburgring

A new spy video shot at the Nürburgring shows what may very well be the E-Tron electric SUV in the hotter specification. Never mind the video’s title saying it’s the “Q7 E-Tron” because we know better. While we can’t be entirely sure this is indeed the high-performance version, this would make the most sense since it’s too early for Audi’s Mercedes EQC-rival to start preparing for a mid-cycle update.


The E-Tron S was introduced towards the end of February, so it doesn’t seem all that unusual for Audi to be doing last-minute testing with prototypes at the Nordschleife. While this spy video shot by statesidesupercars of YouTube fame is showing the conventionally shaped model, Audi has also introduced the swoopy Sportback model in the spicy S flavor.

Both feature visual tweaks so subtle over the non-S models you’ll need a magnifying glass to spot the differences. The SUVs sit on 20-inch wheels as standard and can be optionally fitted with up to 22-inch alloys, while the fenders are 0.9 inches (23 millimeters) wider than before. Where the law allows it, Audi will sell the two models with its optional cameras replacing the traditional mirrors.


Of course, the biggest change has occurred underneath the familiar skin where Audi has added a third electric motor. Mounted at the back, it helps the E-Tron S models hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in four and a half seconds. Both zero-emissions SUVs will top out at an electronically capped 131 mph (210 km/h). It’s possible thanks to a combined output of 496 horsepower (370 kilowatts) and a massive instant torque of 718 pound-feet (973 Newton-meters).

While the range of these two performance-oriented models has not been specified, we do know they share the same 95-kWh battery pack with their non-S counterparts. With the battery having to feed an additional electric motor, it likely means range will be lower, but that’s the sacrifice some will be willing to make for having more oomph.

Audi should provide a close look at its dynamic electric duo soon as the two E-Tron S models will be out later this year in Europe.

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