Audi e-tron Recall due to Potential Moisture Leak in Charge Port

Earlier today, some news broke about a recall for the Audi e-tron due to a possible water leak and potential fire risk because of it. According to the report, there’s a possibility for water to leak into the high-voltage charging port on some models. Not all e-tron models are affected.

We reached out to Audi and here is the official statement:

Audi of America takes the safety of its customers and the quality of our vehicles very seriously. In order to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality for our customers, we have issued a voluntary recall affecting approximately 540 e-tron vehicles that have been delivered to customers and 1,644 in total. The recall is in response to a potentially faulty seal that may allow moisture to enter the battery compartment which could lead to a short circuit or in extreme cases to a thermal event. We are applying an abundance of caution as no such incidents have been reported globally. The recall repair is expected to become available in August 2019.

Customers are being contacted directly to inform them of the recall and our dealer network is fully engaged to deliver the best customer-service possibleWe regret any inconvenience caused to our customers and reservation holders as we work with all parties toward a positive outcome in the weeks ahead. Audi e-tron vehicles unaffected by the recall remain available for delivery and our reservation system remains open to receive customer reservations.

– End –

As the recall isn’t expected to become available until August, some Audi e-tron owners will have to choose whether or not to risk driving or charging their car. For those customers that do decided to drive the car, Audi has issued a bit of a PSA of sorts: “Should a yellow battery warning light appear, appropriate actions should be taken to stop and park the vehicle in the open, do not charge and contact roadside assistance to make arrangements to have the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection/service without delay.”

To help customers that are affected, Audi is allowing them to choose from the following:

  • – Loaner vehicle, if they do not want to continue driving their vehicle
  • – Pick / up and delivery
  • – Cash card for $800
  • – Audi Care (issue or reimbursement, if they already purchased)
  • – Audi representative contact information

This is unfortunate for Audi e-tron customers and the brand itself. This is a car that’s been highly anticipated for a long time and one whose owners are likely very excited about. So it’s a shame that there’s a recall like this so soon into ownership. However, it seems that Audi is doing a good job helping its customers out and reimbursing them for their troubles. Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.

We’ll have more updates as we get them.

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