Audi e-tron realistically rendered — looks sporty

By now, we pretty much know what the Audi e-tron is going to look like. We’ve seen concepts, we’ve seen official spy photos and we’ve seen the entire interior. So there really aren’t many secrets left to share. Sure, there will be some nuance about its exterior styling that will surprise us, as the orange, black and white digital camo does hide some styling cues, but for the most part we know what we’re going to see in September, when it’s finally revealed. Still, it’s cool to see new renders of it, like this one, to get a better idea.

Newly rendered by Automedia, this Audi e-tron looks surprisingly sporty. The e-tron is going to be Audi’s first-ever all-electric car and it’s designed to be an upmarket luxury car with sporty dynamics. But we wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a sporty SUV. Imagine a luxury car that’s capable of athletics, rather than an athletic car with some luxury. Still, this render depicts it as a sportier SUV and we dig it.

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The white and black color scheme goes a long way to making it more aggressive looking, especially with those sporty gloss-black wheels. It’s actually a very handsome looking SUV in this render and looks better even than the Audi Q8, despite being very similar looking. The fact that it’s electric is basically hidden by its sporty design. It even has some aggressive front air intakes, which in this case are there for battery cooling, rather than engine air intake or radiator airflow.

If spec’d like this, the Audi e-tron will have no problem slipping into the mainstream of premium SUV buyers, especially with 248 miles of range. It will boast everyday usability with handsome SUV looks and those not in the know will never know that it’s electric. That’s very appealing to current premium customers and we think Audi understands and appreciates that, hence the straightforward design and not something more futuristic, like the BMW i3, a car whose looks has turned off many buyers.

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