Audi e-tron Production Paused due to Battery Supply Delays

It seems as if the Audi e-tron can’t catch a break. Within the first year of its launch, it faced a harsh EPA range rating, a recall due to fire risk, lower than expected sales volume and some issues with its battery suppliers. While most of those issues have been resolved, the latter of which still remains, as the four-ringed brand has had to halt production on the e-tron due to issues with its battery supplier.


LG Chem is the company that supplies Audi with batteries for its e-tron line of vehicles but it’s been hit with supply bottlenecks, causing Audi to put e-tron production on pause for now. It must be frustrating for Audi to see so many complications with its first-ever electric car, especially when some of that aren’t even its fault.

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The production halt began last Thursday and will likely resume today or tomorrow. While that’s only a few days, even just a few days without production can hurt a car’s profit numbers. However, since the e-tron actually doesn’t sell that well, with only 26,400 units sold last year, it’s not as big of a hit as if it were to something like the Audi A4.


To be fair, most of that has to do with its price, as the standard e-tron is very expensive.


Hopefully, Audi can get a lot of this e-tron mess sorted because it’s actually a good car that just seems to never catch a break. There’s a new e-tron model coming, the Audi e-tron S Sportback, which packs an additional electric motor and more power, so maybe that will be the car that sparks more customers to buy into Audi’e EV brand. However, with an extra car in the works, will Audi have anymore issues with battery suppliers as the need for more batteries increases? We’ll soon find out.


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[Source: Bloomberg]
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