Audi e-tron is Norway’s best-selling electric vehicle in October

So far, we’ve only heard about the sales failures of the Audi e-tron. In most markets, Audi’s first-ever EV is selling at a much slower pace than cars like the Tesla Model 3. While a lot of that comes down to price, as the e-tron is quite expensive, a lot of it is also just brand awareness in the EV world. However, one place where it’s starting to really catch on is Norway.


Norway has long been the fastest adopter of electric vehicles, with Norwegian customers buying up EVs at a much higher rate than any other customers in any other country. It seems as if Norwegian customers not only can appreciate the charms of the Audi e-tron but are willing to pay its premium, as the e-tron led all EV sales in Norway this past October.


According to the Norwegian Road Federation, 873 Audi e-tron models found homes in Norway in October. That’s pretty impressive, considering the e-tron’s slow start since it’s been on the market. But if it’s going to succeed anywhere, it’s Norway, as 35.7 percent of all vehicles sold in Norway last month were electric. A lot of the reason for that popularity is the fact that EVs don’t get taxed by Norway the same way petrol and diesel engine cars are.


While the Tesla Model 3 is still the most popular EV in Norway for 2019, the Audi e-tron is starting to gain a real foothold in the country. It’s only a matter of time before Audi starts becoming one of the best-selling EV automakers in the world, as it’s going to roll out more and more EVs in the coming years. So the Audi e-tron is just a start. Its high price is slowing its start but less expensive e-tron models will bring in more and more customers as they’re rolled out.


[Source: Reuters]



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