Audi e-tron hatchback rendered from Volkswagen ID.3

We know it’s coming, as it’s only a matter of time. As Audi slowly introduces more and more electric cars into its lineup, an EV hatchback is a near-certainty. When such a car does debut, it’s likely to be based on the same MEB all-electric architecture that underpins the Volkswagen ID.3. When that happens, it will probably look a lot like this Audi e-tron hatchback render. (We don’t own the render but it can be seen here)


Seen here, this Audi e-tron hatchback render actually looks quite good. It essentially takes a Volkswagen ID.3 and slaps an e-tron face on it. That description makes it sound cruder than it looks, however, as the render works really well. It still has obvious Volkswagen Golf-ish design elements, such as the signature C-pillar that sweeps into the rear quarter panel. But overall, the e-tron design cues work well.

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Marc Lichte, Head of Design, AUDI AG — Audi Q4 e-tron concept


Let’s hope when such a car comes, it packs the same range and battery technology as the ID.3. The little Volkswagen is said to have over 300 miles of range, which is far more than anything the Audi e-tron SUV can muster. In Audi’s defense, the e-tron weighs as much as a small aircraft carrier because it’s based on an existing legacy car architecture, which is what causes its low range. The ID.3 is based on an all-electric architecture, and is much smaller, so it’s much lighter. So any Audi based on that same platform will have a much further range than the e-tron does today.


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To be perfectly honest, whatever the Audi e-tron hatchback ends up being, I just want it to come to the US market. We know that the VW ID.3 won’t be coming ‘Stateside, which is a shame because it’s a car I’d personally be very interested buying. If the Audi e-tron hatchback makes it to the US, I’ll certainly have my eye on it so, selfishly, I want to see it come here.


[Source: Behance]
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