Photo Comparison: Audi e-tron GT vs Lucid Air — Germany vs America

The Audi e-tron GT hasn’t even been driven by the media, or really anyone outside of Audi, and yet it’s already gaining enormous praise due to its stunning design. And it is stunning. In fact, the e-tron GT is the best looking car in its class by far. However, there’s another car that isn’t on sale yet but will be entering the same segment as the e-tron GT and can seriously challenge the big Audi for the title of best looking car — the Lucid Air.


Lucid is a new car company from California and its first-ever production car, the Air, is coming soon. However, the most powerful version, the Air Dream Edition (get it, lucid dreams?) is going to be an absolute monster of a machine, packing over 1,000 horsepower and 500 miles of range. So it sort of crushes the e-tron GT in terms of power and performance. However, because we’ve driven neither, as neither car is available to drive yet, we’re just going to focus on design.

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The Lucid Air is a fascinating looking car, as it comes from Silicon Valley but its design is clearly very French. It looks more like a classic Citroen than a Tesla and it’s all the better for it. Personally, I absolutely love the design of the Air and think it’s one of the best looking sedans I’ve seen in ages. But I feel the same way about the Audi e-tron GT. So let’s look at them side by side to see which one is better looking.


Up front, without question, the Audi e-tron GT is the more aggressive looking car. It sports an EV interpretation of its signature Singleframe grille, angry headlights and front air intakes. It looks great but it’s almost a bit too much. Whereas the Lucid is sleek, sophisticated and elegant. It certainly embraces a more minimalist and modern design, versus Audi’s sportier look. It’s tough to say which one is better because they’re so different but I think I’m gonna go for the e-tron.

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In profile, the e-tron GT is a bit more muscular and more traditionally sporty. While the Lucid Air is a bit sleeker, a bit more high-tech looking. Both cars are very pretty, so it’s tough to choose between them. I think because the e-tron GT is more muscular and athletic looking, it’d be my personal choice. But I absolutely love the French looking, Citroen-esque Lucid.


Out back, I think the Audi e-tron GT comfortably takes the win. Not because the Lucid looks bad but because the e-tron GT is killer out back. Its intense taillight bar is incredible looking and its rear haunches give it such menace. Though, the clever trunk lid design of the Lucid is very cool.


Inside, it’s all Lucid, all day long. It sports a bright, air cabin that looks properly futuristic. Yet, design being futuristic, it also has enough traditional design touches to make it familiar. So it’s just the right amount of new-school EV and old-school automobile and I love that. The Audi e-tron GT’s cabin is cool and very sporty but it could also be the cabin in an Audi A4 and no one would think twice. The Lucid’s is genuinely breathtaking.


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If I’m buying one of these cars purely on design, I’m taking the Audi e-tron GT. It’s just more my style, as it’s sportier and more aggressive. However, as a car, the Lucid Air seems almost impossible to beat. It boasts performance and range the e-tron GT can’t touch with a design that’s absolutely gorgeous and totally unique in the segment. Plus, it comes from a new upstart in America, which, as an American, gives me a sense of pride. So if it were my money, it’d actually likely be the Lucid.

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