Audi e-tron GT Reveal Countdown Now on Audi USA Site

There’s no question — the Audi e-tron GT is the most exciting car in the brand’s near future. It’s also the most important Audis to debut since the e-tron and will be one of the most important cars for Audi since the original R8. Reason being is that the e-tron GT can do for the Audi brand today what the R8 did for the brand more than a decade ago — create a reputation. Which is why there’s a countdown to its reveal on the Audi USA website. It wants people to take notice.


Six years ago, Audi was caught up in a diesel scandal that seriously hurt its brand reputation, as countless Americans and Europeans felt that Audi was a dirty automaker for cheating on its diesel emissions. On top of that, all German automakers seem a bit like Luddites in this modern automotive world of electrification. Tesla is making premium legacy automakers look old fashioned, regardless of how you feel about Elon Musk’s ego-extension… I mean auto manufacturer.

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So if the Audi e-tron GT can excite not only the fanbase but customers of other brands, Audi can prove that not only can it make electric cars but it can make sexy, thrilling and exciting electric cars. That can completely reshape the brand’s image and help bring more customers to the four rings.


Prior to the release of the Audi R8, the four rings were known for sensible, premium and comfortable sedans and wagons. While Audi had performance cars, and damn good ones at that, no one outside of enthusiasts knew about them. The R8 changed that and brought people into Audi dealerships in droves, just so they could buy a car from the same brand that made Tony Stark’s killer looking ride.

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The idea is that the Audi e-tron GT will be that once more. It will bring customers into dealerships so they can not only see the sexy all-electric sedan but then buy a cheaper all-electric Audi, just so they can have a car that shares the e-tron GT’s DNA. That’s why it’s so important and that’s why there’s a literal countdown to its reveal, which will be February 9.


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