Audi e-tron GT Gets a Recall for Suspension Issues

The Audi e-tron GT is still very new and it’s already facing a recall. Admittedly, it’s not a huge recall, as it only affects ten cars and, according to Audi, only three of the affected cars have been sold. However, it’s a recall nevertheless and it’s for something that could actually be quite an issue.


On some models, the retaining ring on top of the air suspension strut can become loose, which can allow the air to release. It’s apparently an issue with a small batch of parts from Audi’s supplier but, thankfully, Audi has yet to receive any complaints about leaking air suspension. The ten affected cars are all US market cars and both dealerships and customers will be informed of the issue.

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Customers of affected cars will take their cars to their closest dealer and the cars will be inspected to see if the issue is, in fact, present. If it is, the struts will be replaced free of cost. If you want to know if your car is part of the recall but haven’t heard anything from Audi yet, the affected models were built between September 14-17. If your car has a build date between those two dates, it’s possible your car is part of the recall.


The Audi e-tron GT is among the coolest cars in the brand’s history. Along with the Ur Quattro, RS2 Avant, and the original R8, the e-tron GT is one of the brand’s all-time greats. This recall is relatively minor and should be remedied quickly, so don’t feel as if there’s any real issue with the car. It’s almost mechanically identical to the Porsche Taycan, with just some tweaks here and there to make it feel differently, and is the best looking Audi on sale. Hopefully, this recall is the biggest of its issues.

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