Audi e-tron Gets Moody with New Black Edition

Like a teenager trying to piss off their parents, the Audi e-tron now shows off its moody side with a new Black Edition. What does this new Black Edition bring? Well, umm, some black bits, naturally.


Being the sporty version of the e-tron, the Audi e-tron is served well by this new Black Edition. It brings gloss black trim to the singleframe grille surround, the Audi logos, side mirrors, and even the 21″ wheels. Behind those big black wheels sit bright orange brake calipers, to add a splash of color. The rear windows also come tinted very dark from the factory and the LED puddle lights under the door project “Audi e-tron Black Edition” onto the ground. Edgy.


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There are three new exclusive color options, which is cool, though. Chronos gray, Glacier white, and Mythos black are all available on the Black Edition model, adding a hint of exclusivity to it.


Along with the Black Edition package comes the S Line package, which brings some sportier bits to the cabin. The contrast stitching that typically comes with the S Line package is now orang, to match the brake calipers. Additionally, for fans of sustainable materials, the center sections of the seats and door inlays are now mad from Dinamica, a breathable microfiber material made from 45 percent recycled polyester.


The Audi e-tron is a good EV SUV overall that packs style, fantastic luxury, and decent range into a very typically Audi package. If you want something a bit more tech-forward, you might want to choose the Audi Q4 e-tron instead but if you’re looking for something more akin to an all-electric Audi A7, the e-tron is perfect for you. And if you want a more moody style to go with your EV SUV, you can opt for the Audi e-tron Black Edition.

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