Audi e-tron Fast-Charging Service IONITY Gets an Upgrade

Prior to the launch of the Audi e-tron, the folks in Ingolstadt fully understood the biggest problem with EVs — charging. Range is important, sure, but the ability to charge quickly, easily and often is even more important. Which is why Audi launched its own charging service and has continued to try and improve the experience of recharging your electric car. Recently, Audi has partnered with IONITY to introduce kWh-based recharge pricing.


With Audi’s standard charging service, e-tron customers have access to over 135,000 different public charging stations, provided by 400 different companies in 24 different European countries. Now, Audi e-tron customers can also access IONITY fast-charging stations at a special rate of just 31-cents per kWh, which is roughly the equivalent of charging up at home. In addition, IONITY’s fast-chargers provide energy from renewable sources, making it even more environmentally-friendly.

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However, it’s not as simple as just that. For Audi’s charging service, customers will have an option of two different subscriptions. The basic “City Rate” subscription will see Audi e-tron customers pay a monthly fee of €4.95, which will give them a flat rate of €7.95 for AC charging up to 22 kW or €9.95 for DC charging up to 150 kW, regardless of charge time and/or energy drawn. While the upgraded “Transit Rate” costs €17.95 per month, with the same charging rates for AC and DC charging. However, the Terminal Rate is how customers will get the 31-cent per kWh charging from IONITY stations. City Rate customers will have to pay whatever IONITY is charging per station, like everyone else.


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This is an interesting program and mostly ensures customers a fair charging rate, without having to worry about charge services jacking up rates at certain times. It’s also absurdly cheap when you consider the cost of fuel verses the cost of charging an EV. While the Audi e-tron boasts an all-electric range of about 200 miles, it’s still nice to know that the brand has your back if you need to stop off and charge on the road.

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