Audi e-tron Facelift Rendered From Recent Spy Photos

Audi is currently in the process of facelifting the e-tron SUV, in an attempt to keep it fresh as newer competition hits the market. While we don’t expect much, in terms of visual upgrades, there should be a few exterior updates to distinguish the facelifted model from its older sibling. Some recent spy photos showed few changes to the exterior, though those test mules were wrapped in heavy camouflage. To try and get a better idea of what the facelifted Audi e-tron will look like, this render was made. (We don’t own the rendered photo but you can see it here)


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In this new render, the Audi e-tron gets a similar face to the e-tron GT, with its black grille surround and angled front air intakes. It also gets an updated Singleframe grille to match its Q4 e-tron sibling. The rest of it, though, looks the same as the current, pre-facelift e-tron. Though, that’s to be expected.


The current Audi e-tron, without its upcoming facelift, is a car with several flaws but the way it looks isn’t one of them. Even a few years after its release, the e-tron is still a great looking SUV. It might even be Audi’s best looking SUV. So its facelift’s lack of visual upgrades isn’t such an issue. Its real problems lie under the skin, where its lack of range, power, and tech put it behind cars like the Tesla Model X and all-new BMW iX.


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However, it’s said that Audi may have updated the e-tron’s battery tech along with its upcoming facelift. An upgrade in battery range would do wonders for the e-tron’s sales, even without a power bump. The fact that the e-tron can only go about 200 miles on a charge really puts a damper on its desirability and value, especially when you consider the BMW iX comes with about 100 miles more range for around the same price. While we don’t think it will get that much added range with its facelift, it’s likely to get a bump. Hopefully it’s enough that, along with its visual upgrades, it begins to sell a bit better.

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