Audi of America is the Official Automotive Partner of Nature-Inspired 1 Hotels

Audi continues its mission to improve shift its image away from dieselgate and toward green environmentalism with a new partnership with nature-inspired luxury lifestyle hotel chain, 1 Hotels.


1 Hotels is a premium lifestyle brand, which tries to create a luxurious hotel experience that’s also as green and sustainable as possible. Which makes it the perfect hotel partner for Audi, as the four-ringed brand tries to rebrand itself as an electric automaker, with its e-tron line of vehicles.


This new partnership will provide 1 Hotels locations; New York, Los Angeles, and Miami; with Audi e-tron models as house cars, for guest shuttles and even chauffeured drives.


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“Audi is proud to partner with 1 Hotels, a brand that shares our commitment to creating a more sustainable future and our dedication to being an advocate for change. Through this partnership, we are excited to offer Audi fans and 1 Hotels guests the chance to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles and experience the thrill of driving one of Audi’s fully electric models,” said Tara Rush, chief marketing officer, Audi of America.


To make life nicer for Audi customers, they will received 15 percent off the best flexible rate at any of the three 1 Hotels locations. There will also be two new hotel locations being added later this year; Toronto and Nashville.


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“We are very excited to build a deep and meaningful partnership with a like-minded brand like Audi,” said Arash Azarbarzin, CEO, SH Hotels & Resorts, hotel brand management company that operates 1 Hotels. “Providing this new experience enhances 1 Hotels offerings and also provides our guests with the opportunity to experience our local communities, a key element in our mission to encourage them to safeguard the environment. By adding this new experience for our guests, we will encourage them to maintain their appreciation for the preservation of nature.”


So if you’re looking to plan a vacation to one of the cities in which a 1 Hotels location exists and you’re an Audi customer, check out this promotion and get an up close look at the new Audi e-tron.

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