Audi doesn’t plan to enter EV race with BMW and Tesla

It is believed Audi will not go after Tesla Motors and BMW in the EV race, at least not in the years to come. Despite the fact that electric vehicles are growing in popularity with each passing year, the officials from Ingolstadt prefer to focus on the plug-in hybrid technology offered in their e-tron models since they believe this hardware setup is preferred among Audi buyers.

In an interview to What Car? Audi’s boss Rupert Stadler says they have indeed tested EV technology but came to the conclusion that plug-in hybrid is better. In addition, he says Audi has talked to people who purchased the Tesla Model S who said that if a plug-in hybrid variant of the Q7 will be launched, that would be the car of their choice. Interestingly, Stadler also said that an electric car that “lives only in the showroom does nothing for the CO2 agenda.”

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He also said that BMW’s development of the i3 and i8 cars isn’t suitable for Audi since they want to build hybrid cars in all of their factories rather than taking BMW’s route of creating special production lines for the i-badged models. Stadler added that they prefer to continue with their known models since these provide better flexibility.

Lastly, Audi’ boss confirmed plans to launch in a short while plug-in hybrid long-wheelbase versions of the Q7, A6 and A8.

via whatcar.com

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