Audi “Diversity Day 2018” – diversity of the Four Rings

There’s no question that we’re breaking down social barriers more so than ever before. Especially when it comes to diversity in the automotive industry. It used to be a male-dominated industry but now we’re seeing so many women in so many different positions; from designers to engineers to CEOs. And it’s really encouraging to see that these great people are getting opportunities to have careers that may have been unavailable to them just twenty years ago. It’s not just with women, though, as people from all walks of life, from various different countries and cultures are now working in the auto industry. So Audi is highlighting this and it’s going to be called Diversity Day.

Starting June 5, Audi will set up activities all across Germany, to help inspire employees to have tolerance and cooperation. “Characters with different ways of thinking and backgrounds enrich our working world at Audi,” says Denise Mathieu, Head of Diversity Management at Audi. “This approach makes us more innovative, creative and agile.”

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“The foundations have been laid,” adds Mathieu, “now we have to build on them.”

It’s great to see more jobs opening up for more people and barriers being torn down, stigmas being forgotten. The auto industry is one of the largest in the world and it’s only going to get bigger with the advent of electrification and automation. The more advanced our cars and transportation systems get, the more advanced our infrastructure is going to need to be. To create all of it, we’re going to need as many good people we can get and our minor differences are finally being set aside so more people can get involved.

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Audi will continue to roll out its diversity campaign with the goal of living tolerance and permanently changing attitudes. New training courses and qualification formats, the expansion of employee networks and intensified cooperation and partnerships round off the activities.

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