Audi Digital OLED Lighting will be customizable and functional

A little while back, we learned that Audi’s will soon feature customizable headlights on the upcoming Q4 e-tron electric crossover. That customizable lighting tech will be on display at the 2019 International Symposium on Automotive Lighting, which sounds like the least interesting symposium ever. However, it is where Audi will show off its new Digital OLED Lighting tech which will allow customers the ability to personalize their headlights.

Unlike point light sources – such as LEDs which are made of semiconductor crystals – OLEDs are flat light sources. That allows them to be far more customizable that standard LEDs, especially due to their continuous dimming capability. The combination of their compact flat size and vast dimming capabilities allow OLED lights to be customized and shaped into precise designs.

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What’s also interesting is that this tech can be used in taillights as well as headlights. What makes that interesting is that it can be used in car-to-x communication. For instance, the taillights could display certain patterns that could trigger reactions from either cars behind them or the surrounding infrastructure. So maybe they can display an emergency stop-type pattern that could trigger the autonomous braking system in the car behind.

Customizing lieghting design and to be used for Car-to X-communication

These new taillights could also warn drivers of upcoming hazards, such as black ice. We can also seem enthusiasts using VAGCOM to program the lights to warn of upcoming police looking for speeders. Among other things. These customizable lights, both up front and out back, will likely be very popular among the enthusiast crowd. We can only imagine the sort of stuff we’ll see at car shows in the coming years.

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There’s no word on how many vehicles Audi will offer this lighting tech on but it’s been said that the Q4 e-tron will be the first car with this Digital OLED Lighting tech available.

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