Audi diesel car sales blocked in Italy amid VW dieselgate

The ongoing dieselgate has reached a new phase as Italian dealers part of the Volkswagen Group have been asked to stop selling cars powered by the diesel engines featuring the controversial software. The motor in question is the Euro 5-compliant EA 189 available on a wide variety of models from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT, with local media reporting that a total of 2,500 to 3,000 units are affected in Italy.

It should be mentioned the newer cars featuring Euro 6 turbodiesel engines will remain on sale as these don’t have the “defeat device” meant to cheat during emissions tests. That being said, potential customers are now afraid to buy diesel cars from VAG because of the ongoing dieselgate and this will have serious repercussions on sales, not just from the Volkswagen core brand, but also from the other members of the group, including of course Audi.

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Sales of cars with the aforementioned EA 189 engine are already being blocked across Europe as Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and now Italy have banned these cars from being sold at dealers and it will take a while until the situation will get back to normal.

The entire Volkswagen Group has allocated €6.5 billion to fix all the cars (11 million in total) and also to pay the upcoming fines which could turn out to be the biggest ever applied in the car industry.

Adrian Padeanu

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