Audi details traffic jam assist in new video

Audi has released a new video detailing the traffic jam assist system available on a wide variety of their models. The system works at speeds between 0 and 60 km/h (37.28 mph) and it will autonomously steer, accelerate and brake the car in congested traffic. It’s based on the adaptive cruise control system with stop & go functionality and adds lateral guidance support.

The system boasts two radar sensors that can monitor everything up to 250 meters (820.21 feet) ahead of the car and have a scanning angle of approximately 35 degrees. There’s also a wide-angle video camera which will monitor the lane markings and detect objects like other cars, guardrails and pedestrians. It also comes with eight ultrasonic sensors monitoring the areas in front of the car and at its corners.

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Whenever ACC stop & go is activated, the traffic jam assist system will continuously analyze the speed of the car as well as the speed of nearby vehicles. If a traffic jam is detected at speeds below 60 km/h (37.28 mph), the driver can turn on its functionality by hitting a button. The system is capable of reacting whenever cars are moving into or out of the lane.

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